November 18, 2004

Rudy's Russian Tea cookies

An XMAS chair

Rudy's red chair, rudy's red chair. Now say it 3x fast! I've tried to make this chair my icon, but for the life of me cannot figure it out. So I dedicate this blog to Rudy's red chair. This chair has significantly seen many gatherings of friends, feasts and conversation.

I believe I took this pic last Xmas morning. Rudy was making an incredible batch of Russian Tea cookies, that I must say, beat out the nunnery on Guam who shell out their annual treats come Xmas. Their name escapes me, "Our Lady of.....?"

If this pic had smellavision you'd be salivating at the scent of vanilla, butter, sugar and warm, crumbly Russian Tea cookies waiting on the side for their powdered-sugar bath. Ok, kettle's on.


Santos said...

ai nene--guam! our lady of guam!


special combo said...

The nuns that shut themselves away in Yona?

pp said...

it's not the carmelite nuns, is it?

special combo said...

Yes! The Carmelites.