November 25, 2006

Lower Haight Street Fair 2006, San Francisco

Sundays = Sun-dazed. That's how I felt post-Saturday partying when I attended the Lower Haight Street Fair. Not to be confused with the Haight Street Fair further up the street. This one is still in it's infancy so it's more community bbq, than beer garden porta-potty.

Some nice music, art, crafts, local merchants, stoop watching and exotic pets! There was even a kiddy breakdancing circle that was the cutest thing.

A Lower Haight Eve
A Lower Haight Adam
A Lower Haight velvet
A Lower Haight family

[ART] Mescalito show - MARS-1, Damon Soule, Oliver Vernon

Mescalito - MARS-1, Oliver Vernon & Damon Soule
Oct 14 - Nov 4, 2006

White Walls Gallery
Tenderloin, San Francisco

*more pics on my Flickr Mescalito set

MARS-1 painting
MARS-1 painting 2
MARS-1 painting 3
MARS-1 painting 4

Oliver Vernon:
Oliver Vernon painting 1
Oliver Vernon painting 2

Damon Soule:
Damon Soule - collage 1
Damon Soule - collage 2
Damon Soule - mixed installation
Damon Soule - mixed installation detail 6
Damon Soule - creature installation

Opening night peeps
Mescalito crew
Below the belt
Mescalito folks