November 19, 2004

End Capitalism

End Capitalism 2
Roy & I trekked to Rainbow Grocery for crunchy, granola toothpaste that wouldn't make me gag. I love Rainbow for the great bulk items (honey, shampoo, nori... you name it), cheeses and row upon row of natural beauty products. I often spend way too much time deciding on a special granola/nut mix. I'm still working that one out.

After my long, drawn out (yet wise) consumerism, we leave the worker-owned coop and find this stencil art on the sidewalk. This ices my cake of coop grocery stores and bouts of Frontline.

Location: in front of Rainbow Grocery
1745 Folsom Street @ Division
Mission District, SF


butiboi said...

This picture makes yearn for SF! I don't particularly miss crunchy toothpaste (here in NY chocolate deodorant is de regeur!), but alas, where is all the clever socio-political graffitti?????

Anyways, I guess I'll have 2 settle for kikin' back and listening to the latest from Le Tigre.....


special combo said...

The Mission District is dripping w/all manner of street art of a politico bent. I love that. At the very least, it forces me to keep my eyes open. I shall post more street art when I can. Keep the posperity before the ole gray paint and "post no bills" takes over.

Chocolate deodorant? Now there's the money melon!