November 17, 2004

Naan & Curry - The Tenderloin

There's this intersection in SF's Tenderloin I call "The Golden Triangle". It's a gritty, busy corner. Not pretty and a thoroughfare for the neighborhood junkies and the like. That's a small downer compared to the real reason I love this spot. Every corner at the intersection (Ellis & Larkin) boasts a great eatery, diner, noodle joint, etc.... Call it what you will. This slice of yummy, deliciousness never lets down.

If you ever find yourself stranded after a movie or looking for eats post swanky bar, hit this corner. Vietnam II has a delicious pho worth fighting for. Anyways, I wander off from my real point.......

It was Roy's day off and he wanted to celebrate a hard-earned payday w/a viewing of "The Incredibles." We decided to check out 1000 Van Ness theaters, over the Metreon, due to the slew of cheap eats nearby. We buy tickets early and seek a noshy joint. I remember passing by "Naan & Curry" on O'Farrell street while on the 38. It's like "11:11", once I heard of Naan & Curry (which I'll refer to as N&C) its name gets dropped everywhere. "Oh I LOVE N&C", "It's my favorite Pakistani/Indian joint", etc... I filed this info away for the next time I'm rolling in extra dough.

Well N&C is not located at "The Golden Triangle," but it is a few blocks down and seems to have gleaned a helluvalot of magic from that intersection. The food is delish! Delish I say! Sublime Spinach w/Paneer (homemade cheese) is creamy & delicate, yet packed w/spicy undertones. The lamb curry & garbanzos were infused w/ginger, mace, dried plums and more spice marrying into a perfectly stewed, tender curried-love. We also had a wonderful chicken bryahni (excuse me spelling pls), beef kabob, raita and enough gorgeous naan to sop up juices. I was dying for a lassi, but knew my stomach would not hold much more. You can't beat a thrifty meal at N&C before a late afternoon movie.

Now I wonder how I rate this? Being this is my first post, I must give N&C a shout out in the only way I know how..... It was "D.G." Damned Good in my book, and only pennies. You could spend $5-8 per person and come away satisfied. Can I also say N&C makes for good breakfast leftovers?

Naan & Curry - Tenderloin
478 O'Farrell @ Jones
San Francisco, CA 94102

Rating: D.G. (Damned Good)
Budget: thrifty
Crowd: local Indian, Pakistani crowd w/a steady strem of artsy-like hipsters
Decor: multi-colored, day glo flourescent lights softened w/exotic banners of fabric

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