February 02, 2005

Show me your music and I'll show you what you eat

My good friend Santos aka chotda, has made a quick detour from food to tunes on her foodie blog Scent of Green Bananas. Follow the link at the title to dive in. There are several questions posed for the music in you. I was asked to answer a few:

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:
Here's the quick & dirty below. This got me thinking about my ever-changing top five. I must lay some words for DJ Shadow's Preemptive Strike, the legendary Al Green, Madlib's Quasimoto alter ego, and bossa nova, as well.

Tortoise (TNT) - In Sarah, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Women And Men
// Now that's got to be the longest song title in history. Basically I love the entire album, but I tuck this one in my back pocket (I Set My Face to the Hillside is another TNT fave). In 2002, I worked for Minidisco.com and made the daily BART commute from the city to Berkeley. I clocked in a lot of commute time and devoted my ears to whatever I could get my hands on. TNT got a lot of airplay at the office, thanks to all the boy musicians that made up customer service. This tune is the industrial Oakland landscape whizzing by, large-scale grafitti burns, my flower-strewn walk to work, waiting on benches, and the optimism of coming out of year long funk.

Tommy Guerrero (Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues) - Introspection Section
// Last February, I was pulling a major all nighter at STRANGEco, printing out handmade catalogs for the NY Toy Fair we were set to attend in a few days. Jim was already in New York, and Greg & I were working the printer to its proverbial "bone", to make deadline. I eventually slept under the desk and woke up periodically to press the start button when the run completed. I finally got a 2nd wind at 6am when an orange sunrise crept through the windows onto my face. SomaFM's Beat Blender was streaming this tune at this perfect, exhaustive moment. I've been in love with Tommy Guerrero ever since.

Stevie Wonder (Innervisions) - Golden Lady
// Stevie Wonder's music sets the backdrop to most of my formative years - it's a vision of green-hued photographs, playing red rover, the taste of sea salt after the beach and family gatherings. I spent a fantastic early childhood growing up on Oahu when my dad was stationed in Hawaii. Every weekend we'd pack up and camp at Bellows Beach with my relatives. Camping at the beach was great, but the drive was even better. I remember riding on the back of my uncle's truck, peering over the edge of a cliffside road and entering a long black tunnel, which was my personal landmark for the start of the weekend. Fast forward to my grown up life on Guam, I'm sitting in Trades, having ritual drinks with co-workers after another night of hard work -- Dave Santos is on guitar singing this tune in his spare, quiet manner. My mind trips back to the Hawaiian sun at my back, the beach, and the taste of imperfect smores.

Bill Evans (Sunday At The Village Vanguard) - Jade Visions (Take 2)
// This entire album chronicles my adventure of the build up of trivial love, a vulnerable spirit and the inevitable heartbreak to follow. I am recovered and strong willed now, and rediscovered my spunky side that stays up late traversing busy city streets. This tune's optimism is a Saturday night art crawl, lively conversation at the corner cafe, a delicious 1am beef pho across town, or a night spent in cuddling my much-loved guinea pigs.

Stereolab (Dots and Loops) - Brakhage
// My best memories on Guam were spent with friends: driving around the island, discovering hidden waterfalls, swimming in them, dancing till my legs gave out and sharing countless meals together. Cooking, eating, cooking, eating. Our whole experiences and culture are inside a lumpia roll and over a pot of rice. We cooked many delicous meals and laughed constantly. Brakhage is the sound of the kitchen, the heavy island heat, the smell of car air conditioning, full moon island jaunts and the tactile feeling of friends.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer? - unknown, but it's bogging down my hard drive dammit!

The CD you last bought?

The Disappointment - my friend Jill's boyfriend Ed's band. Sadly they recently broke up, but I shall not despair.

What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?

"Happy Cycling" by Boards of Canada, from Music Has the Right to Children. Sometimes I love this album -- for the first 20 minutes. Then it grates under my skin. It's a good working tune -- especially if you're coding and your second coffee just kicked in.