June 22, 2007

Yelping banana

consume me!, originally uploaded by *caramimi*.

consume me!

there are far too many ways to post on the web. i've succumbed to yelp for my restaurant & shop reviews. if you care to take a gander, gander me here http://specialc.yelp.com.

i'm slowly going through my flickr pics and finally posting these images i've been meaning to blab. i did a fruit drop last year, with intentions of leaving behind more food gifts for those who need. this was my first attempt of moving stuff forward (with good intentions, of course).

if alice in wonderland happened in cali, she'd get a nice banana instead of a size-changing elixir.

random fruit drop near work. james thought this baby's life had expired, but i explained it's fruity goodness has only just begun. i left this as an offering to those in need of potassium. i find it hard to believe no one picked this up, and i saw dudes picking through the garbage today....

caramimi readymade fruit art drop + food offering: banana, sharpie, napkin, freshness tag

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