June 25, 2007

Mañagaha island daytrip, Saipan

A gorgeous day spent with family on Mañagaha -- a tiny island near the North end of Saipan's lagoon (April 2007)

Milking the last days of my Saipan visit. My family gathered to celebrate my step-dad's birthday on Mañagaha Island -- a tiny island in Saipan's lagoon, right off the North end.

Mañagaha is very small, and not large enough to accommodate dwellings. It hasn't changed much, since I came here in '98, and maintains much of it's pristine beauty. The snorkeling is amazing, and there's a WWII wreck less then 20ft from the shore.

Saipan, Mañagaha - North end
view of Saipan's North end (Tanapag village) from the ferry

Saipan, Mañagaha - Tasi
tasi - ocean water, so blue it hurts

Saipan, Mañagaha - Landing
arriving at the pier

Saipan, Mañagaha - Ducky
ubiquitous, yet cheery ducky

Saipan, Mañagaha - Boti
boti - the setting sun as we begin our return from paradise

Saipan, Mañagaha - Adios

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