October 23, 2005

Art at the Dump

Art at the Dump with Sirron Norris and Nomi Talisman (opening night)

Artists Sirron Norris and Nomi Talisman showcase their work made of found materials at Sunset Scavenger aka the dump. The show had good energy, and the scope of the artists' work was interesting. I wish I had better pics of Sirron's painted objects, but alas the flash was iffy. It is what it is.

Branding - Sirron Norris

Found Wood
Painting on found wood with recycled paint by Sirron Norris.

Sad pool
Found photo slide piece by Nomi Talisman. I loved many of Nomi's pieces, but this affected me the most that night.

Sneak Convergence
Mars shows Sirron a sneak preview of his upcoming book Convergence.

Leo laughs
Leo's good vibe is infectuous.


Santos said...

oh my god, that found slide is amazing.

special combo said...

i know, it's fabulous. and so strong. i almost missed this piece off to the side. makes me wonder how this slide ended up in the trash. it's sad really.

nomi said...

It is just one of amazing things you find there (slides, photos, home movies included) - some are truely amazing, some, you can see how they'd end up at the dump... people move away, get old, die, change their priorities or whatever, and throw 'stuff' out. Some of the things probably don't mean a thing to others.

Some of it was also hidden in other stuff. perhaps they didn't know what they were throwing away.

special combo said...

>hi nomi
yes, i see you're perspective. who knows these stories behind the objects -- "things" "stuff"? there's something about photographs, though. it's that time captured, then lost to decay. good to see this piece found a way to something bigger.