August 06, 2005

Fantabulous! Fuko Ueda

illustration by Fuko Ueda

Several months ago, Roy showed me a number of beautiful illustrations posted on his LiveJournal community. He thought I knew the artist, but unfortunately I did not. This drove me into an internet search tailspin where I spent an hour of surfing to find out who the artist was. I came up with some references to the same images, but alas no name. Well, mystery solved! The awesome Fecal Face posted some thumbs of the artist with her name and a linky to her site.

Fuko Ueda is a young illustrator showing much of her work in Japan, thus far. If I can liken her style to my own experiences, her work reminds me of children's book illustrations from the 70's. There is also a translucent, light quality in her style that is similar to the illustrated Japanese stationery that was quite popular in the 80's. I don't draw these comparisions to discount her work in any way, but these memories are what pulled me to her illustrations in the first place.

Ueda's pieces involve characters of human, animal and surreal form in sparse environments. Her work is fine and delicate, but innocence is not a word I would use to describe her subject matter. There's an underlying current of sinister, sex, rebellion and dominance; but somehow this comes across in a curious, young and almost naive way. Not unlike one's outlook during those peculiar tween years.


Santos said...

wow, beautiful. that use of blue on fleshtones reminds me of those sort of vaguely-porny '80s guy magazine illos that supposedly harkened to the vintage vargas girls but were sleazier. that sounds bad, doesn't it, but i'll bet you know what i mean.

special combo said...

you know... i think i do. i've perused my share of "guy mags" back then. the porny/soft core mags actually had some amazing illustration, even if the subject matter was racy. not unlike ueda's work or other art i've seen in the stratosphere these days. yes, her use of light is great.

katie said...

Yeah I think that the sinister and sensual aspects of her work add a really distinct flavor to her pieces. They are so gorgeous. I got some postcards from

caramimi said...

a lot of great artists at that site. great resource!