December 18, 2004

Low Gallery opening 11.20.04 - The Mission

Been trying to get around to posting pics of some of the art at the Low Gallery opening. This happened the same night as my Saturday night art crawl (previous post). It was a major people crush that night. The gallery was quite cozy with all the local Fecal Face fans and Mission ruffians alike. A 40 in a paper bag was the accessory du jour.

In the comfort of elbows and knees, I managed to snap a few pics:

This painting is by Chris Duncan, one of my new favorite artists. He has a vibrant, yet quiet, color palette and and I love his use of organic and linear forms.

SF has this movement of photography pushing forth via Hamburger Eyes It's cynical, clever, ironic and sometimes pointless. Very much about life. I think this photograph is a good example of this -- and the saturated, red blood is enticing in a corporate-marketing manner.

Todd Bratrud's "Snake Fart in a Jar." It says it all....

B & B (bananers and breasts) photo by Ray Potes (aka Hamburger Eyes). This makes me hungry....

Low Gallery - Mission District
487 14th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

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