November 03, 2007


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mesh sculptures

June 25, 2007

Mañagaha island daytrip, Saipan

A gorgeous day spent with family on Mañagaha -- a tiny island near the North end of Saipan's lagoon (April 2007)

Milking the last days of my Saipan visit. My family gathered to celebrate my step-dad's birthday on Mañagaha Island -- a tiny island in Saipan's lagoon, right off the North end.

Mañagaha is very small, and not large enough to accommodate dwellings. It hasn't changed much, since I came here in '98, and maintains much of it's pristine beauty. The snorkeling is amazing, and there's a WWII wreck less then 20ft from the shore.

Saipan, Mañagaha - North end
view of Saipan's North end (Tanapag village) from the ferry

Saipan, Mañagaha - Tasi
tasi - ocean water, so blue it hurts

Saipan, Mañagaha - Landing
arriving at the pier

Saipan, Mañagaha - Ducky
ubiquitous, yet cheery ducky

Saipan, Mañagaha - Boti
boti - the setting sun as we begin our return from paradise

Saipan, Mañagaha - Adios

June 22, 2007

Yelping banana

consume me!, originally uploaded by *caramimi*.

consume me!

there are far too many ways to post on the web. i've succumbed to yelp for my restaurant & shop reviews. if you care to take a gander, gander me here

i'm slowly going through my flickr pics and finally posting these images i've been meaning to blab. i did a fruit drop last year, with intentions of leaving behind more food gifts for those who need. this was my first attempt of moving stuff forward (with good intentions, of course).

if alice in wonderland happened in cali, she'd get a nice banana instead of a size-changing elixir.

random fruit drop near work. james thought this baby's life had expired, but i explained it's fruity goodness has only just begun. i left this as an offering to those in need of potassium. i find it hard to believe no one picked this up, and i saw dudes picking through the garbage today....

caramimi readymade fruit art drop + food offering: banana, sharpie, napkin, freshness tag

June 01, 2007

Saipan - Big Boy

Saipan - Big Boy, originally uploaded by *caramimi*.

During my trip, I would drive on Beach Road and sometimes encounter this most bizarre tour bus named "Big Boy."

Even more hilarious are the mannequins with chicken heads, placed on either end, and the grinning chicken face at the front of the bus. If anyone has a photo of that chicken face, please send me a link! You can barely make it out, but the side of the bus says "Chicky, Chicky, Bang Bang." Jeez -- don'cha just want to hug yourself?

I was a total road hazard as I shot this pic while driving. I don't condone photo-driving, but in the name of funny journalism... by all means.

November 25, 2006

Lower Haight Street Fair 2006, San Francisco

Sundays = Sun-dazed. That's how I felt post-Saturday partying when I attended the Lower Haight Street Fair. Not to be confused with the Haight Street Fair further up the street. This one is still in it's infancy so it's more community bbq, than beer garden porta-potty.

Some nice music, art, crafts, local merchants, stoop watching and exotic pets! There was even a kiddy breakdancing circle that was the cutest thing.

A Lower Haight Eve
A Lower Haight Adam
A Lower Haight velvet
A Lower Haight family